Department of Labor & Industrial Relations

The department shall administer programs designed to increase the economic security, physical and economic well-being, and productivity of workers, and to achieve good labor-management relations, including the administration of workers’ compensation, employment security, apprenticeship training, wage and hour, and industrial relations laws. The department shall also have the function of developing, preparing, and disseminating information on employment, unemployment, and general labor market conditions.

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State of Hawaii
Career Kokua , wage standards , unemployment , Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health Advisory Committee , wages , employment security , occupational health , statistics , research , Hawaii Workforce Development Council , HCIDS , HIOSH , unemployment insurance , workforce , DLIR , disability compensation , State Apprenticeship Council , occupational safety , Hoisting Machine Operators Advisory Board , State Fire Council , Employment Security Appeals Referees' Office , labor relations , workforce development , inspection , vocational rehabilitation
Ph: 808 586-8844
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830 Punchbowl St. #321
Honolulu, HI 96813

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