Emergency Medical Services & Injury Prevention System Branch, DOH

The mission of the EMS program has been to administer, maintain, and operate a State comprehensive emergency medical services system throughout Hawaii that is designed to reduce medical emergency deaths, injuries, and permanent long-term disability through the implementation of a fully integrated cohesive network of related components. The state system provides for the arrangement of personnel, facilities and such equipment, primarily in the pre-hospital setting, for the effective and coordinated delivery of health care services under emergency conditions whether occurring as a result of the patient’s condition, natural disasters, or other causes. The Injury Prevention and Control Section collaborates with partners across the state to address the leading causes of injury that include: drowning prevention, fall prevention, poisoning prevention, suicide prevention, traffic safety, and violence and abuse prevention.

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State of Hawaii
emergency medical , injury prevention
Ph: 808 733-9210
Mailing Address:
3675 Kilauea Avenue, Leahi Hospital - Trotter Building
Honolulu, HI 96816

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